Since when did Jelly shoes, Socks and Sandels become chic?

Jelly Shoes and Socks and Sandal’s have suddenly become the next big thing for this summers footwear fashion. Personally I don’t think I’m the only one thinking that this fad seems to be come kind of joke? This once fashionable item of the distant 90’s has reared it’s plastic, ugly head again as if once wasn’t enough.

I remember as a kid, begging my mum for a pair. It’s only now that I realise her reluctances as I look around my local town at all the girls wearing these unflattering shoes with or without socks. Making their outfit unnoticeable above these horrific sandals. Eyes automatically darting away from these relationship repellers.
In my mind jelly shoes are the female equivalent of the biggest male fashion foe par known to man, socks and sandals worn by men on a summer holiday or doing the gardening could make any women want to lose her lunch. One of the most unsexy and unfashionable piece of dreaded fashion has somehow creeped in. Jelly shoes have been combined with sock and are being marketed as quirky and sexy.

For one thing these shoes aren’t easy on the eye nor are they kind to the ankle, as they make even the skinniest girls ankles look like a ballooning 60’s year old women’s whose just been on a five hour flight.

848f89f9d2d604daf5e73fbbf0a38c3cI for one will be ignoring this years footwear blast from the past and relying on the time and tested wedge for all my summer travels and I hope that you do to.



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