All about Eve (1950)

All About Eve (1950)

From the minute I hit play I begin to smell the smoke billowing out of the screen, encapsulating me into a trance that fully immerses me within this films tangled web of lies, depict and deception. I’m immediately sucked in, transported back to the golden age of Hollywood Cinema, surrounded by this films’ star studded cast with screen legend Betty Davis and her film adversary Anne Baxter.

An undercurrent of suspicion runs throughout this film surrounding the lead character of Eve Harrington (Baxter). The once thought of wall flower of poor luck is engrossed by any stage performance by  the quickly aging diva Margo (Betty Davis) Eve soon becomes like the audience of the time obsessed and entranced with becoming their screen idol, Davis.

From the get go Eve seems too good to be true, bending over backwards for her idol and thus ensues in true Davis fashion of heated arguments elegantly spoken by her acid tongue giving out generous put downs to those who don’t believe her assumptions that her new friends isn’t what she seems. From the start we quickly sympathise with Eve and her endless tale of woe and her plight to want to belong to this elite group and live out her fantasy but her unhinged attitude grows making it clear that there’s something just not right quite right with her obsession that just gets deeper and deeper.  The audience are forever questioning this girl’s sanity as her obsession gets deeper.

Eves’ story soon unravels, revealing who is she really is praying on an aging star uses her  all along she was just after Davis pedestal, her life and fame. Eve soon get’s what’s coming to her in the end as the stalker begets stalked as the pattern seems begin again.

This 1950’s classic seems even today ageless, genuinely thrilling to watch the back and forth between Davis and who ever she comes up against. If not to relive a classic this film should be watched just for it’s timeless, cinematic aesthetics and feel but for this brilliantly presented story of a stalker who actually gets what she wants and more importantly what she deserves.




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