All about Eve (1950)

All About Eve (1950)

From the minute I hit play I begin to smell the smoke billowing out of the screen, encapsulating me into a trance that fully immerses me within this films tangled web of lies, depict and deception. I’m immediately sucked in, transported back to the golden age of Hollywood Cinema, surrounded by this films’ star studded cast with screen legend Betty Davis and her film adversary Anne Baxter.

An undercurrent of suspicion runs throughout this film surrounding the lead character of Eve Harrington (Baxter). The once thought of wall flower of poor luck is engrossed by any stage performance by  the quickly aging diva Margo (Betty Davis) Eve soon becomes like the audience of the time obsessed and entranced with becoming their screen idol, Davis.

From the get go Eve seems too good to be true, bending over backwards for her idol and thus ensues in true Davis fashion of heated arguments elegantly spoken by her acid tongue giving out generous put downs to those who don’t believe her assumptions that her new friends isn’t what she seems. From the start we quickly sympathise with Eve and her endless tale of woe and her plight to want to belong to this elite group and live out her fantasy but her unhinged attitude grows making it clear that there’s something just not right quite right with her obsession that just gets deeper and deeper.  The audience are forever questioning this girl’s sanity as her obsession gets deeper.

Eves’ story soon unravels, revealing who is she really is praying on an aging star uses her  all along she was just after Davis pedestal, her life and fame. Eve soon get’s what’s coming to her in the end as the stalker begets stalked as the pattern seems begin again.

This 1950’s classic seems even today ageless, genuinely thrilling to watch the back and forth between Davis and who ever she comes up against. If not to relive a classic this film should be watched just for it’s timeless, cinematic aesthetics and feel but for this brilliantly presented story of a stalker who actually gets what she wants and more importantly what she deserves.




Since when did Jelly shoes, Socks and Sandels become chic?

Jelly Shoes and Socks and Sandal’s have suddenly become the next big thing for this summers footwear fashion. Personally I don’t think I’m the only one thinking that this fad seems to be come kind of joke? This once fashionable item of the distant 90’s has reared it’s plastic, ugly head again as if once wasn’t enough.

I remember as a kid, begging my mum for a pair. It’s only now that I realise her reluctances as I look around my local town at all the girls wearing these unflattering shoes with or without socks. Making their outfit unnoticeable above these horrific sandals. Eyes automatically darting away from these relationship repellers.
In my mind jelly shoes are the female equivalent of the biggest male fashion foe par known to man, socks and sandals worn by men on a summer holiday or doing the gardening could make any women want to lose her lunch. One of the most unsexy and unfashionable piece of dreaded fashion has somehow creeped in. Jelly shoes have been combined with sock and are being marketed as quirky and sexy.

For one thing these shoes aren’t easy on the eye nor are they kind to the ankle, as they make even the skinniest girls ankles look like a ballooning 60’s year old women’s whose just been on a five hour flight.

848f89f9d2d604daf5e73fbbf0a38c3cI for one will be ignoring this years footwear blast from the past and relying on the time and tested wedge for all my summer travels and I hope that you do to.


McEnroe slams Murray’s coaching choice for this year’s Wimbledon

John McEnroe has spoken out against Andy Murray’s surprising decision to change his coach for this year’s Wimbledon championship and dropping his former coach Ivan Lendl who helped Murray become Wimbledon champion.

I think most British Tennis fans sitting at home watching Andy’s last match, against Grigor Dimitrov were thinking the same as former American champion turned commentator John McEnroe ” I’m amazed he ever got rid of Lendl in the first place.” I certainly felt the need to blame Andy’s demise to this new choice of coach, personally I can’t understand why he would drop one of the people that got him to the top, a coach who he has had such a great relationship with over the years.  The reason for Lendl’s departure could be, as reports suggest, that his decision to go with another coach was down to him not giving Murray the valid attention he wants or needs.

From the first confirmation that Murray was going with a new coach many commentators, especially those from the British press were initially very skeptical about his choice of the French tennis star Ameile Mauresmo.  Mauresmo is a former world women’s tennis number one and one of the very few female coaches.

Murray isn’t the only one in this year’s championship to switch coaches, seven of the world’s top tennis players followed his lead and opted for a change in order to improve their game, all of these choices were former tennis Champions.  Djokovic and Federer’s coach choices, Djokovic is now with Boris Becker and Federer with Stefan Edberg.  Both coaches have seen the players go from strength to strength and ending up in the final, where Djokovic came out on top.

Admidst the controversy surrounding Murray’s performance and his sad exit from Wimbledon, he stays confident by saying that he just needs to make some improvements to his game but fails to address rumours of him splitting from Mauresmo or whether he will be getting back with former coach Lendl any time soon.  McEnroe thinks that there is a big chance that after Andy’s knock out that he will dump Maursemo and get back with Lendl saying ‘I wouldn’t put it past the two of them’ to reunite.

This is my second blog post from working at Radio Yorkshire, hope you like it, please comment 🙂

My first published Blog : No joke Novak Djokovic’s triumphant return as Wimbledon Champion

Recently I’ve been working with Radio Yorkshire to try gain some work experience, as a result I was asked to write a blog to summaries this years Wimbledon (as I’m a big tennis fan). Here’s my blog which is posted on the Radio Yorkshire website located here:

No joke Novak Djokovic’s triumphant return as Wimbledon Champion

I feel that this year’s Wimbledon championship has been slightly overlooked by the dominance of other current sporting events on this year.

The World Cup has stolen centre stage, taking over all major TV channels with continuous match coverage, summaries, hype and relentless advertising.  Pedaling furiously behind it is the Tour de France more commonly known in its starting location as the Tour de Yorkshire, as the cyclists began their long journey in the heart of Yorkshire, Leeds.

Wimbledon’s hype slowly fizzled out when Britain’s only hope Andy Murray got knocked out of the running.  Lightning clearly doesn’t strike twice for Murray as he was beaten in the quarter finals by up-and-coming Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov 6-1 7-6 (7-4) 6-2.  Murray has now plummeted from number three to ten in the world tennis ranking system.

The men’s final had us all tuning in to the pivotal match to see who would be crowned this year’s king of Wimbledon.  Novak Djokavic was in the final with the 7 time champion Roger Federer, which was one of the best and most nail biting matches of this whole tournament.

Djokovic, 27, and veteran player Federer ,32, really showed that age has no boundaries, during the beginning of the match it really did seem that Federer had the upper hand and would take the match.  Djokovich then began to doubt himself and start to miss vital shots, while slipping, sliding and eventually falling on centre courts’ eroded baseline.

Djokovic turned it around in the last legs on the match, equaling out Federer at every turn, while his new trainer, another vet to the game, Boris Becker spurred him on in the supporter’s box.


Finally Djokovic took the game in five sets, scoring 6-7 (9), 6-4, 7-6 (7), 5-7, 6-4.   Keeping up with his previous victory routine, while holding back tears he picks up a pinch of centre course and eats it.

Could Judy’s Fair be the best Vintage Fair?




   On the 7th June Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair graced the stalls of Leeds grandest market arcade, the Cornexchange. the beautiful dome shaped shopping arena was the perfect  location to this months Vintage fair as the building is probably decades older than all of the stock on display. thankfully it doesn’t show it’s true age as it has been neatly restored to its original, glorious state. As you can see it I very bright and airy, granting tones of space for an abundance of varied, wondrous stalls.

I ventured alone on this occasion as I wanted to fully immerse myself into the atmosphere of the fair and to try bag myself a good bargain. Before I began the bargain hunt I went to try some of the local brew at Vanilla One, pop up Café.
Vanilla One was the perfect twist on previous fairs Vintage Tea rooms, mixing both modern and vintage elements with there presentation, a heavy, black metal tea pot was presented to me with a good ol’ Yorkshire Brew of tealeaves. I also order there delicious, homemade Carrot cake but unfortunately I was too quick to eat it and forgot to snap a picture of it.

As I was sat there enjoying my gloriously good brew I was treated to the sounds of a gorgeous Pinup styled girl filling the room with her perfectly singing the hits of the 1950’s.
After my well deserved tea break I went around the dome looking for a good deal. I managed to pick up two fantastic albums that I’ve been searching around for a while now.


I found the Best of the Bee Gees and Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest hits.  Both albums were £5 each which I think is a really good price considering there really good quality

After looking around the clothes section for an hour and a half I managed to find this jem of a t-shirt. Yes I know it’s backwards but it’s still cool, if you can’t read backwards it says ‘ YALE 1978 UNIVERSITY’. I thought this type of sport like ware goes well with the summer seasons fashion treads of baggy sport esc clothing.

I’ve been to ten Vintage fairs around the county, all run by different organisations and I think Judy’s fair has to be the best Vintage fair I have even attended, it really does offer something for everyone. Vintage Clothing, tea& cakes, live music to fit the style and add something to the atmosphere. It is family friendly while also being big and serious for the real vintage fans based in the perfect retro location.


The Graduate Job Hunt Continues

Like most University Graduates my age I believe that we are all in a state of employment panic. As a student I felt this great need to prove myself to my parents and friends the second I left University and then going on that endless job hunt to find my dream career.

But when we find a job, we never know if that job will be taking the start or the death of our dream career. Will the job in McDonalds pigeon hole us for the rest of our life in the job market? Or will our future employer take pity on us and hire us.
I’m not putting down McDonalds staff, I’m just saying that If you’ve gone to University and are left paying off a huge University loan, you expect to be able to get a job in what you have a degree for, there is no point trying to pay it off working at McDonalds for the rest of your life.

Lou Lou’s Fabulous Vintage Fair


Lou Lou’s Vintage fair graced Leeds town hall on the 27th April expelling a variety of vintage goods throughout its perfectly chosen venue at Leeds Town Hall. The event filled this beautiful Victorian building with two floors of ultimate vintage nick nacks. Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair welcomes all types of people of all ages. With an entrance fee of only two pounds for adult, while kids under ten go free. It is one of the best, larges and leading Vintage fair in Britain.


At the door I was welcomed by lots of friendly Vintage fans dressed in their best 50’s eclectic styled clothes, who also fashioned impressive bouffant hair do’s and pinup styled makeup. I was immediately offered to try some of their extremely moreish homemade jams and spreads.
As I went into Leeds’ famous spacious hall I was in awe of each individual stall offering a wide range of nostalgic treats and treasures from the not so distant past. The fair sold everything from homemade soap and Jams to all you’ve ever wanted in Vintage clothes, shoes and bags and my all time favourite, Vinyl records.


Downstairs collated one of the best highlights and my favourite main attraction of the fair, a traditional styled tea room with service from more vintage pinups, tea waitresses. The Tea room included glamorous vintage teacups (like the gorgeous one I was presented with, below). As well as luxury home make cakes, that would make any cake lover melt just at the sight of their cake stands. After purchasing a reasonably priced cup of tea and a large slice of coffee and walnut cake  I was given a free tea top up at any point which I gladly took after I scoffed down the rest of my luscious cake. I just wish that there were free cake refills!


Lou Lou’s Vintage fair is a fabulous day out for all the family, as there is literally something for everyone. I went with my three cousin whose ages range widely from 26 to 4. We all had a fabulous time looking at all the different types of clothes from various eras including 50s, 60s, 70s, 80 and 90s. I felt as well as my eldest cousin a wave of humbling nostalgia looking through the clothes, vinyl records and random ordainments and nick nacks from yesteryear. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything that I wanted clothes wise but hopefully next time I can uncover some treasure trove to vintage dresses.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI would wholeheartedly recommend this event to all , especially vintage fans as this is a day to remember, especially the tea rooms and their fabulous cake selection.

Lou Lou’s Vintage fair is currently on the road, there next stop will be at Lancaster, Town Hall on the 4th May. Find the closest venue to you and come and enjoy all the fun at the fair.