Could Judy’s Fair be the best Vintage Fair?




   On the 7th June Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair graced the stalls of Leeds grandest market arcade, the Cornexchange. the beautiful dome shaped shopping arena was the perfect  location to this months Vintage fair as the building is probably decades older than all of the stock on display. thankfully it doesn’t show it’s true age as it has been neatly restored to its original, glorious state. As you can see it I very bright and airy, granting tones of space for an abundance of varied, wondrous stalls.

I ventured alone on this occasion as I wanted to fully immerse myself into the atmosphere of the fair and to try bag myself a good bargain. Before I began the bargain hunt I went to try some of the local brew at Vanilla One, pop up Café.
Vanilla One was the perfect twist on previous fairs Vintage Tea rooms, mixing both modern and vintage elements with there presentation, a heavy, black metal tea pot was presented to me with a good ol’ Yorkshire Brew of tealeaves. I also order there delicious, homemade Carrot cake but unfortunately I was too quick to eat it and forgot to snap a picture of it.

As I was sat there enjoying my gloriously good brew I was treated to the sounds of a gorgeous Pinup styled girl filling the room with her perfectly singing the hits of the 1950’s.
After my well deserved tea break I went around the dome looking for a good deal. I managed to pick up two fantastic albums that I’ve been searching around for a while now.


I found the Best of the Bee Gees and Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest hits.  Both albums were £5 each which I think is a really good price considering there really good quality

After looking around the clothes section for an hour and a half I managed to find this jem of a t-shirt. Yes I know it’s backwards but it’s still cool, if you can’t read backwards it says ‘ YALE 1978 UNIVERSITY’. I thought this type of sport like ware goes well with the summer seasons fashion treads of baggy sport esc clothing.

I’ve been to ten Vintage fairs around the county, all run by different organisations and I think Judy’s fair has to be the best Vintage fair I have even attended, it really does offer something for everyone. Vintage Clothing, tea& cakes, live music to fit the style and add something to the atmosphere. It is family friendly while also being big and serious for the real vintage fans based in the perfect retro location.



Lou Lou’s Fabulous Vintage Fair


Lou Lou’s Vintage fair graced Leeds town hall on the 27th April expelling a variety of vintage goods throughout its perfectly chosen venue at Leeds Town Hall. The event filled this beautiful Victorian building with two floors of ultimate vintage nick nacks. Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair welcomes all types of people of all ages. With an entrance fee of only two pounds for adult, while kids under ten go free. It is one of the best, larges and leading Vintage fair in Britain.


At the door I was welcomed by lots of friendly Vintage fans dressed in their best 50’s eclectic styled clothes, who also fashioned impressive bouffant hair do’s and pinup styled makeup. I was immediately offered to try some of their extremely moreish homemade jams and spreads.
As I went into Leeds’ famous spacious hall I was in awe of each individual stall offering a wide range of nostalgic treats and treasures from the not so distant past. The fair sold everything from homemade soap and Jams to all you’ve ever wanted in Vintage clothes, shoes and bags and my all time favourite, Vinyl records.


Downstairs collated one of the best highlights and my favourite main attraction of the fair, a traditional styled tea room with service from more vintage pinups, tea waitresses. The Tea room included glamorous vintage teacups (like the gorgeous one I was presented with, below). As well as luxury home make cakes, that would make any cake lover melt just at the sight of their cake stands. After purchasing a reasonably priced cup of tea and a large slice of coffee and walnut cake  I was given a free tea top up at any point which I gladly took after I scoffed down the rest of my luscious cake. I just wish that there were free cake refills!


Lou Lou’s Vintage fair is a fabulous day out for all the family, as there is literally something for everyone. I went with my three cousin whose ages range widely from 26 to 4. We all had a fabulous time looking at all the different types of clothes from various eras including 50s, 60s, 70s, 80 and 90s. I felt as well as my eldest cousin a wave of humbling nostalgia looking through the clothes, vinyl records and random ordainments and nick nacks from yesteryear. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything that I wanted clothes wise but hopefully next time I can uncover some treasure trove to vintage dresses.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI would wholeheartedly recommend this event to all , especially vintage fans as this is a day to remember, especially the tea rooms and their fabulous cake selection.

Lou Lou’s Vintage fair is currently on the road, there next stop will be at Lancaster, Town Hall on the 4th May. Find the closest venue to you and come and enjoy all the fun at the fair.