Lately, I’ve been drawn in by the extremely tempting, image collecting craze that is Pinterest. Like my school days sticker collections or Pogs addiction it has become a little too much. I’ve been pinning everything I like from Food (I would eat, doubt I will ever get around to actually making) all the way through to my Dream Gothic House, something I  didn’t even know I wanted or will ever be able to afford. But for some reason It makes me happy pinning all these  pretty little images together, arranging my imaginary future life through scrapbooking. It really spurs me on to actually make and do something more with my life.


As you can see from my boards that I  categories everything that fascinates me in different compartments. Landscapes to Street Fashion, Inspiring quotes to my favourite Cafes I would like to visit.
Pintrest has reignited my love for fashion and photography in a massive way, which is the main reason I started this blog. I wanted to share my thoughts on old and contemporary fashion,to create look books as well as who wore it best, showing my favourite beauty products while reviewing film, books, TV and clothes.
Throughout this blog I want to discuss with you all my love of things that inspire me and everything else in between that inspires me in day to day life.

So join me if you will, and explore you dreams, wishes and deep down desires (for that really expensive Mulberry bag or Michael Kors watch) and enjoy your life through picturing and pinning your future.
Just like my childhood hording I know that this addiction won’t just go away overnight.

Thanks for reading and enjoy pinning x